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Unopex E 50 Small Scale Extraction Evaporation Units

Solid-Liquid Extractions

The multifunctional Unopex Small Scale Extraction Evaporation Units are successfully used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical industries as well as universities and institutions. Unopex Extraction Evaporation Units include a single percolator and combines all of the important extraction processes like percolation, digestion, maceration, steam distillation as well as filtration and concentration of the extract.


• Good contact of plant material and extraction medium

• Integrated falling film evaporator for extract concentration under vacuum

• Simple filling and emptying.

• Quick extraction and high extract quality

• Clear extract with integrated filtration

• Very quick residue discharge

• Easy cleaning and inspection

• ATEX/ non-ATEX

• Documentation of process parameters

• Cost and space saving process

• GMP documentation

Unopex E 50 Solid-Liquid Extraction

Unopex E 50 Solid-Liquid Extraction

Unopex Molecular Distillation Units

Molecular Distillation


• Continuous distillation process

• High evaporation rates

• Processing medium to high viscosity materials

• Very small pressure drop for vapors

• Short residence time

• Very low operating pressures

• Suitable for working with heat sensitive products

• Processing of high-boiling materials.

Unopex Thin Film Evaporator

Thin Film Evaporator

Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporation refers to the thermal separation of products in a mechanically generated thin film.

The combination of short residence time, high turbulence and rapid surface renewal permits the thin film evaporator successfully concentrate heat sensitive and viscous liquids.