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Unopex Closed System Spray Dryers are particularly used for spray drying of feeds containing organic solvents or where the product must not contact oxygen during drying. Drying takes place in an inert gas atmosphere where nitrogen recycles.

Closed cycle spray dryers are gas and powder tight, and are designed according to the strictest safety standards.

The inflammable solvent vapors are fully recovered in liquid form. With Unopex Closed System Spray Dryer, organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, acetone, hexane and ethyl acetate are recovered to protect users and the environment.

Closed Cycle Configuration

• Spray drying of organic solvents

• Working with gas (N2 )


• Hepa filters

• Rupture disk / explosion vent

• CIP (clean-in-place)

• Pneumatic hammer

• Jet filter


• Food

• Pharma

• Cosmetics

• Chemicals

• Metallurgy

• Academia

Flow Chart

Close Cycle Spray Dryer Flow Chart

Close Cycle Spray Dryer Powder Product

Unopex Close Cycle Spray Dryer Evaporation Figure

Unopex Close Cycle Spray Dryer 1

Unopex Close Cycle Spray Dryer 2