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Unopex B 230 Pilot Scale Spray Dryer is suitable for small scale production of powders from solutions, suspensions or emulsions.

The powder characteristics can be controlled and powder properties maintained constant throughout a continuous operation.

Dried Products

• Solutions

• Suspensions

• Emulsions

• Foods

• Pharmaceuticals

• Polymers

• Minerals

• Ceramics

• Pesticides

• Salts

• Organics & Inorganics

• Pigments & Colors

• Bioproducts

• Organic Solvents

Equipment Supply, Basic Plant

• Feed tank and feed pipe

• 2-fluid nozzle atomizer, countercurrent

• Peristaltic feed pump

• Air intake filter

• Electrical air heater

• Drying chamber

• Cyclone with powder container

• Fan and ducts

• Pneumatic hammers

• Touchscreen control panel with PLC

• Support structure

Optional Equipments

• Rotary atomizer

• Hepa filter

• CIP (clean-in-place)

• Noise attenuation

• Two point discharge

Spray Dryer Flow Chart