Unopex Fluid Bed Processors

Unopex Fluid Bed Systems are ideal for drying, granulation/agglomeration and coating applications with top spray and bottom-spray (Wurster) configurations. They offer maximum performance to prepare formulations and to produce small quantities product volumes.

The flexible multi-functional Unopex Fluid Bed Systems offer three processing options in a single system:

• Drying

• Granulation/Agglomeration

• Coating

Key features

• Multifunction operation includes drying, top spray granulation, and bottom spray (Wurster) coating

• Compact & modular & ergonomic design

• Simple filling and discharging with easily removable product containers

• Precise air volume monitoring

• Quick disconnect plugs for all utilities

• Simple to operate

• Simple cleaning due to easy-to-clean design

• Special air distributor plate for homogeneous product fluidization

• Continuous blow-back filter cleaning without stopping the process

• Equipped with PLC control and operator touch panel

• Turnkey mobile system ready for connection

• No dead zones in the product container

• Drying/granulating/coating with two exchangeable product containers


• Pharmaceutical

• Foodstuffs

• Chemicals

• Dairy products

• Polymers

Unopex Drying granulation agglomeration wurster

Flow Chart

Unopex Fluid Bed Dryer Flowchart


Unopex Fluidbed Drying

The product particles are fluidized by means of an upward flowing hot air stream and are carefully dried until the required moisture content is reached.


Unopex Granulation Agglomeration

The aim in granulation/agglomeration is to produce a dust-free and flowable granulate from powder.

Wurster Coating

Unopex Wurster Coating

The Wurster (bottom-spraying) technique produces a particularly uniform surface on the coated product.

Spray Nozzle

Unopex fluidbed spray nozzle

The spray liquid is injected into the fluid bed via a spray nozzle attached to the spray housing.

Touch screen operation panel

Unopex Fluidbed Dryer Touchscreen panel

Continuous Fluid Bed

Unopex fluid bed systems are designed for small scale production and research/development projects. The continuous fluid bed contains a specially designed perforated air distributor plate and successfully used on all types of powders, agglomerates and granulates.

Technical specification

Type: continuous fluid bed (B FD-50)

Bed area: 0.5 m2

Air volume: 1000 kg/h

Inlet temperature: 150-300°C

Air distributor: available with different perforation size

Fines recovery: In cyclone collector and filter

Unopex BFD 50 Fluidbed Dryer