Unopex Extraction Plants

Solid-Liquid Extractions

The multifunctional Unopex extraction systems are successfully used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Unopex extraction systems include single or multi stage percolators and all of the important extraction processes like percolation, digestion, maceration and steam distillation.


• Good contact of plant material and extraction medium

• Single-effect and multistage extraction

• Simple filling and emptying.

• Quick extraction and high extract quality

• Clear extract with integrated filtration

• Very quick residue discharge

• Easy cleaning and inspection

• ATEX/ non-ATEX

• Documentation of process parameters

• Cost and space saving process

• CE-certification, GMP

• Extractor sizes 10 L – 500 L

Unopex E 10 Solid-Liquid Extraction

Schematic of Solid-Liquid Extraction

Unopex E 50 Solid-Liquid Extraction

Unopex E 10 Solid-Liquid Extraction

Unopex E 50(x2) Solid-Liquid Extraction

Unopex Vacuum Evaporators

Gentle evaporation of heat sensitive products

Evaporation technology is a process of separating substances by means of thermal energy. It is the most common and the most applied technique for concentration. In herbal processing, evaporation plants are often integrated between the extractions and drying processes, they can also be operated as individual plants.

Unopex Vacuum Evaporators are batch or continuous unit operating at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum with heating by steam, hot water or thermal oil.

Unopex Vacuum Evaporators are designed for manufacture and install the system you need and our specialists will recommend the system with the most advantages your applications such as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics.


• Falling Film Evaporators

• Single stage

• Multi stage

• TVR compressor

• Thin Film Evaporators

• Thin Film

• Short-path

• Wiped Film

• Molecular Distillation Units


• Food ingredients

• Pharmaceuticals and health

• Cosmetics

• Chemicals

• Metallurgy

• Flavors

• Nutraceuticals

• Perfumes

• Beverages

Unopex Falling Film Evaporators

Falling Film Evaporator


• Suitable for heat sensitive and low viscous products

• Suitable for solvent recovery after extraction

• Economical for pre-concentration

• High heat transfer rates

• Operation under reasonable vacuum

• Explosion protection (ATEX)

• GMP documentation for pharmaceutical industry

• Tailor-made design for your exact requirements.

Unopex Thin Film Evaporator

Thin Film Evaporator

Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporator refers to the thermal separation of products in a mechanically generated thin film.

The combination of short residence time, high turbulence and rapid surface renewal permits the thin film evaporator successfully concentrate heat sensitive and viscous liquids.

Unopex Molecular Distillation Units

Molecular Distillation


• Continuous distillation process

• High evaporation rates

• Processing medium to high viscosity materials

• Very small pressure drop for vapors

• Short residence time

• Very low operating pressures

• Suitable for working with heat sensitive products

• Processing of high-boiling materials.

Unopex Vacuum Belt Dryers

Vacuum Belt Dryer

Unopex Vacuum Belt Dryers are designed for the continuous drying of liquid, solid and other heat sensitive products under vacuum.


• Gentle drying by reducing the water evaporation temperature

• Continuous feed and discharge in vacuum state

• Fast drying, low product temperature

• Preserving aroma and product color

• No oxidation of the product

• Possibility of solvent recovery

• Automatic CIP ability according to GMP requirements

• PLC automatic programming control