Unopex Flash Dryer is used for drying viscous liquids, pastes, filter cakes and slurries. It is suitable for R&D and small scale production in the laboratory.

Key features

• drying chamber with feed disintegrator

• cyclone separator with powder container

• exhaust fan with air filter

• touch screen operator panel with PLC control

• automatic inlet temperature control

• PLC control, HMI touch screen

• data logging to record and store the process parameters

• ATEX / non-ATEX


• continuous drying

• quick and easy operation

• agitated feed tank for steady feed supply

• dosing screw for simple transferring of feed into the drying chamber

• high performance cyclone

• drying capability at high temperatures (max. 300°C)

• drying of even very heat-sensitive products.


• food

• chemicals/agrochemicals

• ceramics

• pigments/dyestuffs

• polymers