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Unopex offers the perfect solution with B 15 Mini Spray Dryer for first trial spray dry processing, microencapsulation, feasibility studies, process development and product researches.

Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer is the laboratory equipment for quick and gentle drying of products from solutions, suspensions or emulsions. Complementary units enable safe operation with feeds containing organic solvents.

Laboratory Spray Drying with maximized benefits;

• Laboratory scale reproducible powder production

• Clear view of the process due to glass assembly

• Simple and fast installation

• Quick and easy operation

• Glass parts can be assembled and cleaned quickly by just one person

• Dehumidifier and Inert Cycle accessories for solvents and mixtures

• Lowest maintenance and spare parts costs

• Scale up to high product volumes

Key Features

• Spray drying, microencapsulation and spray chilling with one product

• Quick and gentle spray drying

• Fast installation

• Touchscreen operating panel

• Trouble-free spraying over long periods with 2-fluid nozzle

• Automatic nozzle cleaning

• PLC control

• Display and easy setting of the process parameters

• Automatic feed switch valve

• Two different versions of the glass cylinders

• High performance cyclone

• Safe operation with plexiglass safety curtains

• Outlet gas filter for the protection of users and the environment

• Plug and play

• CE compliant

Complementary Units

Unopex B 45 Dehumidifier

Unopex B 45 Dehumidifier is a complementary accessory to condition drying air, to work continuously with water and organic solvent mixtures or inlet air cooling for the spray chilling operations.

B45 Dehumidifier

Unopex B 60 Inert Cycle

Unopex B 60 Inert Cycle organic solvent recovery unit is a complementary accessory that enables to work with organic solvent-based formulations safely.

B60 Inert Cycle

Unopex B 92 Spray Chilling

Unopex B 92 Spray Chilling is the ideal complementary accessory that enables to make powders directly from molten feed samples by solidification. It used to work in combination with Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer and B 45 Dehumidifier.

B92 Spray Chilling

Closed Cycle Mini Spray Dryer

Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer, B 45 Dehumidifier and B 60 Inert Cycle together is the solution for spray drying of organic solvents safely under nitrogen.

Closed Cycle Mini Spray Dryer