Unopex offers the perfect solution for first trial spray dry processing, feasibility studies, process development and product researches.

Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer is the laboratory equipment for quick and gentle drying of products from aqueous solutions, suspensions or emulsions.

Laboratory Spray Drying with maximized benefits;

• Laboratory scale reproducible powder production

• Clear view of the process due to glass assembly

• Simple and fast installation

• Quick and easy operation

• Glass parts can be assembled and cleaned quickly by just one person

• Dehumidifier and Inert Cycle accessories for solvents and mixtures

• Lowest maintenance and spare parts costs

• Scale up to high product volumes

Key Features

• Spray drying, microencapsulation and spray chilling with one product

• Quick and gentle spray drying

• Fast installation

• Touchscreen operating panel

• Trouble-free spraying over long periods with 2-fluid nozzle

• Automatic nozzle cleaning

• PLC control

• Display and easy setting of the process parameters

• Automatic feed switch valve

• Two different versions of the glass cylinders

• High performance cyclone

• Safe operation with plexiglass safety curtain

• Outlet gas filter for the protection of users and the environment

• Plug and play

• CE compliant


• Foodstuffs

• Milk and Egg Products

• Pharmaceuticals

• Nutraceuticals

• Flavors and Colorings

• Plant and Vegetable Extracts

• Cosmetics

• Biochemicals

• Fine Chemicals

• Ceramics and Advanced Materials

• Polymers and Resins

• Academia

Working Principle

Mini Spray Dryer Working Principle

Unopex B 45 Dehumidifier

Unopex B 45 Dehumidifier is a complementary accessory to condition drying air, to work continuously with water and organic solvent mixtures or inlet air cooling for the spray chilling operations.

B45 Dehumidifier

Unopex B 60 Inert Cycle

Unopex B 60 Inert Cycle organic solvent recovery unit is a complementary accessory that enables to work with organic solvent-based formulations safely.

B60 Inert Cycle

Unopex B 92 Spray Chilling

Unopex B 92 Spray Chilling is the ideal complementary accessory that enables to make powders directly from molten feed samples by solidification. It used to work in combination with Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer and B 45 Dehumidifier.

B92 Spray Chilling

Closed Cycle Mini Spray Dryer

Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer, B 45 Dehumidifier and B 60 Inert Cycle together is the solution for spray drying of organic solvents safely under nitrogen.

Closed Cycle Mini Spray Dryer

Two fluid nozzle with automatic de-blocking

2-fluid nozzle

Touch screen operator panel

Unopex Touch screen operator panel




Spray drying can be used as a microencapsulation method.

In microencapsulation the product is mixed with a carrier which protects the product.

Microencapsulation protect the product from surrounding environment, degradation or flavor loss, and extends its shelf life.


Scale Up

A small spray dryer is particularly useful for initial trials.

Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer is an ideal instrument for research and product development purposes.

The results from a successful spray drying test conducted on Unopex B 15 Mini Spray Dryer can be utilized in the scale up procedure to Unopex B 230 Pilot Scale Spray Dryer and to industrial production.

Spray Dryer Scale Up