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Unopex has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture instruments, devices, equipment and complete production lines based on heat and mass transfer technologies.

Unopex meets the expectations of our customers by offering the best quality, competitive prices and complete solutions, with professionals who combine their experience and have a great team spirit.

We offer the full range of services to our customers:

● Design & Manufacture

● Installation & Commissioning

● Training & Application Support

● Documentation & Qualification

● Components & Spares

● After Sales Technical Service



As a hybrid process engineering company using technology, the focus of our business is to design and manufacture of drying, extraction, evaporation, molecular distillation and bioreactor | fermenter systems.

Our mission is to produce high performance and highly reliable process equipment that will enable our customers to achieve their goals by realizing their projects. We offer the best in engineering, equipment quality, technical support, training, service, spare parts and documentation and fulfil our duty to the best of our ability and with integrity. We are mindful of health, safety, environment, quality and social responsibility. As working for the highest economic benefit and maximum added value, we focus on efficiency and continuous improvement. As a result, we provide products with high quality at affordable costs with short delivery times.


Our vision is to contribute to researchers and producers all over the world with our expertise, experience, motivation, effort and abilities to realize their projects that protect nature and serve humanity.