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Unopex manufactures reliable, convenient and easy-to-use process equipment, instruments and devices to fulfill the needs of the food and nutraceuticals industry in the best possible way. It designs and manufactures to meet the special and hygienic requirements of the food and nutraceutical industries.

Unopex branded devices are successfully used for the processing of valuable ingredients such as natural flavors, colorants, food preservatives and enhancers, herbal extracts, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals in liquid, powder or granulated form.

It is safely used in product development and optimization studies in the laboratory environment, pilot scale or small batch production; it brings value to products by offering high quality standards and performance.

As Unopex, we are pleased and proud to support you in providing safe, healthy and quality products to consumers with our process equipment and devices.

We are a competent and reliable company serving the food and nutraceutical industries by maintaining high quality standards.

We are ready to contribute to the implementation of your projects and increase your success.