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Unopex manufactures high quality laboratory instruments and pilot plants for use in educational institutions. Our aim is to contribute to academic research and educational activities, to support academics and students to work with devices equipped with the latest technologies and to help them implement their projects.

Our instruments and plants are available in various departments of universities, institutes and technical colleges in the world and they contribute to the transformation of theoretical knowledge into practical applications, scientific articles and commercial products.

• Food

• Chemistry

• Pharmacy

• Metallurgy and Materials

• Textile

• Machinery and Mechanics

• Agriculture

• Environment

• Biology

• Bioengineering

• Biotechnology and Genetics

• Aquaculture

• Milk Technology

Our Academic Collaborations

We develop projects in collaboration with universities. Through these collaborations, students and academics have the opportunity to conduct innovative research using our devices. We also organize trainings, seminars, webinars and workshops to inform the users of our products.

Our Contribution to Education

The instruments and plants we provide to educational institutions allow students to develop their research skills. In this way, we are proud to contribute to the development of future scientists.

We are a competent and reliable company serving the world of education and research by maintaining high quality standards. We would like to support your academic success with our laboratory and pilot scale devices.