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Unopex signed a strategic cooperation with Donserv company in order to expand its activities in the Polish market. With this new partnership, Unopex aims to provide better quality service to its customers in Poland and increase its market share.

Donserv is known as a reliable company in Poland with extensive experience in laboratory equipment sales, installation, training and maintenance and a solid customer base. Through this collaboration, we aim to improve the quality of scientific studies and industrial analyzes by providing the latest and most advanced laboratory devices to laboratories and research centers in Poland.

Unopex Marketing Manager Demet Değirmencioğlu said the following about this collaboration: "Cooperating with Donserv is an important step to strengthen our presence in the Polish market. Donserv's local knowledge and market experience, combined with our high-quality devices, enable us to achieve our goal of providing superior service to our customers." It will help us achieve it.”

"This partnership gives us the opportunity to offer a wider range of products and innovative solutions to our customers in Poland. Working with Unopex is a great opportunity for us and we believe in the synergy that will arise from this collaboration," said Piotr Arcichowski, Product Manager at Donserv.

We hope that our new collaboration will lead to great success for both parties in the Polish market. We have full confidence that this strategic step will contribute to the development of scientific and industrial research.

We look forward to providing the best service to all our customers in Poland.

2nd May, 2024