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Unopex has renewed its website to improve user experience and provide more comprehensive information to its customers. Our website, equipped with new features, provides our visitors with easier and more effective use.

New Features:

Blog | News: Our blog page, filled with the latest company news, product developments, innovations and expert opinions in the industry, is online. You can learn about many topics, from scientific research to trends in laboratory technologies.

Documents: Technical documents, user manuals and detailed information on our products are now collected on a single page. You can easily access all the documents you need.

Video: You can get to know our products better and learn the usage details with our video page full of product promotion videos, user guides and training videos.

Certificates: You can now review some of the basic certificates of our company and products on our website. Our certificates document the compliance and reliability of our products with international standards, sustainability and environmental regulations.

Our distributors: You can get contact information of our distributors worldwide and easily find the local distributor closest to you. Thanks to our global network, we are ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

We aim to provide better service to you with the new face of our website. With our user-friendly interface and rich content, you can access all the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

3rd June, 2024