The Unopex brand reflects the commitment to innovation and experience in the development of equipment and systems based on heat and mass transfer technologies.

Unopex has more than 15 years of experience in the field of design, production and marketing of individual equipment and complete production lines based on heat and mass transfer technologies for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics industries and for laboratory R&D.

 Solid-Liquid Extraction Units for producing liquid extracts

● Vacuum Evaporators for obtaining a higher solid concentration in the liquids

● Spray Dryers and Vacuum Belt Dryers for the production of powders

● Fluid Bed Processors for drying, granulation/agglomeration and coating of the powders 

● Distillation/Rectification and Aroma Recovery Units

Unopex is made up of professionals with a great team spirit, who combine their knowledge and experience to supply complete solutions of the very best quality at overall competitive prices meeting the expectations of our customers. The close cooperation with our customers ensures the development and implementation of the optimum project concept.

We design and manufacture all our equipment with special care to meet a wide variety of specifications and duties of the final products.

We offer the full range of services to our customers:

● Design & Manufacture

● Installation & Commissioning & Supervision

● Documentation & Qualification

● Components and Spares

● After Sales Technical Service



As a hybrid process engineering company using advanced technologies, the focus of our business is to design and manufacture of drying, extraction, evaporation, recovery and purification systems.

Our mission is to produce high performance and highly reliable process equipment that will enable our customers to achieve their goals by realizing their projects. We offer the best in engineering, equipment quality, technical support, training, service, spare parts and documentation and fulfil our duty to the best of our ability and with integrity. We are mindful of health, safety, environment, quality and social responsibility. As working for the highest economic benefit and maximum added value, we focus on efficiency and of continuous improvement. As a result, we provide products with high quality at affordable costs with short delivery times.


Our vision is to contribute to researchers and producers all over the world with our expertise, experience, motivation, effort and abilities to realize their projects that protect nature and serve humanity.




The understanding of responsibility towards people and nature, and the world as a whole, forms the basis of the behavior of all our team. We fulfill our duty to the best of our ability and with integrity. We are mindful of health, safety, environment, quality and social responsibility.


We do our job with passion and we are proud of our achievements. Our enthusiasm and dedication to excellence inspire others. Our passion is like a reaction in which many elements such as our expertise, experience, motivation, effort and talent come together. The showed up energy turns into high performance, happiness, enthusiasm, positive thinking and teamwork.


We believe that the best ideas are not yet conceived, perfection is a never-ending journey, and originality takes the lead. We set higher goals by adding years of experience, our curiosity and creativity to our business. We collaborate with our customers and stakeholders to achieve better results, discover more efficient, more cost-effective methods.


“Respect”, one of our important values that make up our corporate culture, is intertwined with everything we do. We respect the values, differences and contributions of our customers, suppliers, team and society, and work to assist their success.


With our continuous improvement philosophy, we focus on efficiency and effectiveness for optimum output. We strive for people to show their strengths into right areas. We manage resources wisely, focus on value-creating activities, and do everything simply but effectively. Consequently, we provide high-tech products at affordable cost, high speed European level quality.